For Every Palestinian Rocket, Israel Commits Thousands of Crimes. Listen to Amira Hass

Haaretz's correspondent in the Occupied Territories says that every Palestinian has reason to remind Israelis that 4 million people live under the yoke of occupation. LISTEN FREE

A Palestinian protester waves a flag during clashes with Israeli forces on the Gaza border in March 2019.
Mahmud Hams / AFP

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Haaretz Weekly, Episode 19Haaretz

Host Simon Spungin talks to Amira Hass, Haaretz's long-serving correspondent in the Occupied Territories, about the cost-of-living protests in the Gaza Strip, the "accidental" rocket fire on Tel Aviv and how Israel's policy of separating the West Bank from Gaza is effectively stifling Palestinian national unity.

We also discuss the first election in Israeli history in which the Palestinians are a non-issue and ask what it will take get them back on the agenda.