BDS Isn't anti-Semitic, Says Gideon Levy. Listen to Our Podcast, While It's Still Legal

Israel's most controversial journalist says that the government's hysterical response to the boycott movement proves that it isn't winning this 13-year war - and defends his most recent op-ed.

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For the past 13 years, Israel has been waging all-our war against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement: diplomatic reservists have been drafted in, friends around the world have been rallied and there's even a government minister dedicated to tackling the 'strategic' problem.

Haaretz Weekly podcast, Episode 8

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As part of this war, Israeli leaders brand any non-Israeli who supports BDS as anti-Semitic and Israeli supporters of the movement are called kapos, traitors and worse.

But with BDS moving more into the American mainstream – two incoming members of Congress have expressed support for the movement and even the Anti-Defamation League has, in a leaked internal memo, questioned the wisdom of the anti-BDS campaign – we ask: Is this a war Israel can win?

On this week's episode of Haaretz Weekly, host Simon Spungin talks to Israel's most controversial journalist, Gideon Levy, about boycotts, anti-Semitism and making Israelis' blood boil.

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