Who Are the Mizrahi Voters in Israel, and Why Can't the Left Win Their Support?

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In Episode 10 of our Election Overdose podcast, with two and a half weeks left, Anshel Pfeffer and Dahlia Scheindlin ask these key questions: What can still change in the polling trends, will the High Court ruling on conversion have an effect on voting and why is no-one talking about the parties’ economic plans?

With special guest Rachel Azaria we tackle one of the biggest historic rifts in Israeli life, the Ashkenazi-Mizrahi divide. We ask whether Mizrahi voters choose based on identity, issues, values or legacy, and why they barely vote for the left. And there’s a classic election jingle as well.

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As Israel embarks on its fourth election in two years, Anshel and Dahlia, along with guests, will guide you every week through Israel’s electoral thickets, the issues, the personalities, the polls and a history of elections in campaign jingles. Have questions for Anshel and Dahlia? Follow them on twitter and leave your comments there @AnshelPfeffer @dahliasc. Read more from Anshel and Dahlia on Haaretz.com.

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