LISTEN: How a Palestinian Prison Break Challenged Zionism’s Narrative Monopoly

Haaretz Weekend
LISTEN: How a Palestinian prison break challenged Zionism’s narrative monopoly
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LISTEN: How a Palestinian prison break challenged Zionism’s narrative monopolyCredit: SAID KHATIB / AFP
Haaretz Weekend

Host Simon Spungin talks about grassroots activism with Dina Kraft and Sally Abed – the hosts of Groundwork, a new podcast about Jews and Palestinians working in Israel’s mixed cities for a better future.

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How the escape and recapture of six Palestinians from an Israeli prison could shake up the discourse within Israel – if the Palestinian narrative is given space alongside the Zionist one. What is happening in Israel’s mixed Jewish-Palestinian cities, more than four months after violence swept the country? And what role are internecine violence and organized crime playing in those cities?

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