Will Bibi and the Arab Voters Get Married, and Where Has Ideology Gone? LISTEN

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Election Overdose
Election Overdose

On this week’s episode of Haaretz’s Election Overdose Podcast, hosts Anshel Pfeffer and Dahlia Scheindlin discuss with Dr Gayil Talshir of the Hebrew University the changing ideological currents in Israeli politics and whether being anti-Netanyahu is a strategy or a vision.

Also, will the storming of Capitol Hill in Washington be felt all the way to Jerusalem? Can the successful COVID-19 vaccination drive make voters forget the government’s corona-management failures? Will Netanyahu win over new voters in his Arab-Israeli charm offensive? And what made Labor’s 1992 campaign jingle a winner?

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As Israel embarks on its fourth election in two years, Anshel and Dahlia, along with guests, will guide you every week through Israel’s electoral thickets, the issues, the personalities, the polls and a history of elections in campaign jingles. Have questions for Anshel and Dahlia? Follow them on twitter and leave your comments there @AnshelPfeffer @dahliasc. Read more from Anshel and Dahlia on Haaretz.com.