LISTEN: How Trump-supporting Haredim Boosted Aliyah Stats

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Haaretz Weekend

Host Simon Spungin is joined by Haaretz correspondent Judy Maltz to discuss immigration in the shadow of the Coronavirus pandemic; the never-ending race to become head of the Jewish Agency and whether Jews in the Diaspora should be given Israeli passports.

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Why was it not controversial for Israel to allow 77 South African Jews to immigrate - despite coming from a omicron hotspot? How did ultra-Orthodox Jews boost immigration figures? And what happened to a landmark Supreme Court ruling on non-Orthodox conversions?

In part two, Adrian Hennigan discusses Sally Rooney, Irish identification with the Palestinian cause and why an Israeli video-on-demand service has just added Sally Rooney’s hit TV show ‘Normal People’ to its catalog – despite calls to boycott the BDS-supporting author.