Maccabi Tel Aviv and the End of Zionism

From Maccabi's Euroleague victory to upping the minimum wage to the state of Israeli poetry: Welcome to this week's episode of the Promised Podcast.

Maccabi Tel Aviv celebrates its victory. May 18, 2014
Maccabi Tel Aviv celebrates its victory. May 18, 2014. AFP

Is Tel Aviv winning the European basketball championship proof that Zionism failed? Should the minimum wage be boosted by a third? Why is Israel awash with poetry? Plus, new searing protest music by David Broza!

Allison, Eilon, and Noah discuss:
• Why one MK has complained that “we have become a country of idiots that does not respect the Torah,” in response to the wild celebrations following Maccabi Tel Aviv's victory in the European basketball championship, and why a famous Hebrew University historian asserts that the victory is “the biggest proof that Zionism has failed when it comes to sports;”
• Whether the minimum wage should be boosted by 30%, as advocated by 61 Members of Knesset and by basically no economists;
• The state of poetry in Israel, including soulful readings of translations of our favorite Hebrew poems.

All songs by David Broza, from his latest album East Jerusalem –West Jerusalem.
• East Jerusalem (with Wyclef Jean)
• What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding
• Peace (Ain’t Nothing but a Word)
• Jerusalem