PODCAST: Kosovo, COVID and Bibi's Brilliant Bravado

Haaretz Weekly
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Anti-Netanyahu protests in Jerusalem on Sept. 5, 2020.
Anti-Netanyahu protests in Jerusalem on Sept. 5, 2020.Credit: Ammar Awad / Reuters
Haaretz Weekly

Host Simon Spungin is joined this week by Anshel Pfeffer to discuss Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ongoing mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, after Johns Hopkins declared that Israel has the highest per capita infection rate in the world.

What will it take for the government to impose a full lockdown ahead of Rosh Hashanah? Will “red cities,” with the highest infection rate, abide by any such decision? And how would Israelis respond if their prime minister were to fly to Washington to sign a peace deal with the United Arab Emirates at the height of a global pandemic?

LISTEN: Kosovo, COVID and Bibi's brilliant bravado

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