Hebrew Slang, All of a Sudden / StreetWise Hebrew Podcast

Hebrew, perhaps fittingly for an ancient language that was given a new life quite abruptly, has developed some interesting uses for the word 'suddenly.'

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And then 'pitom,' it was right beneath me.
And then 'pitom,' it was right beneath me.

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What do Israelis mean when they say 'ma pit’om'? What about just 'pit’om' by itself? We hear it all the time, so Guy Sharett helps us get streetwise.

Words and expressions discussed:
Pit’om kam adam ba-boker – suddenly a person wakes up in the morning – פתאום קם אדם בבוקר
Pit’om giliti bor anak – suddenly I found a huge pit – פתאום גיליתי בור ענק
Ahava, pit’om hi mitparezet kmo lehava – love, suddenly it errupts like a flame – אהבה, פתאום היא מתפרצת כמו להבה.
Chazarta pitom – you suddenly came back – חזרת פתאום
Ma pit’om ata yoshev – how come you’re sitting – מה פתאום אתה יושב
Ma pit’om – no way – מה פתאום
Geshem pit’omi – sudden rain – גשם פתאומי
Ze haya mavet pit’omi – it was a sudden death – זה היה מוות פתאומי
Pit’omiyut – suddenness – פתאומיות
Be-fit’omiyut – suddenly – בפתאומיות
Be-ofen pit’omi – in a sudden way – באופן פתאומי
Be’eize ofen – in which way – באיזה אופן

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