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How do we ask for more milk, for an encore or for another goal in a football game?

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“Od, od, od!” – we’re always wanting more. How do we ask for more milk, for an encore or for another goal in a football game? You guessed it, we use “od.” Guy Sharett tells us more.

Words and expressions discussed:
Od? – Some more? – ?עוד
Ken, od tipa/ktsat – Yes, just a tiny bit more – כן, עוד טיפה/קצת
Efshar od chalav? – May I have more milk? – ?אפשר עוד חלב
Efshar od ktsat kafe? – May I have a bit more coffee? – ?אפשר עוד קצת קפה
Ma od? – What else? – ?מה עוד
Ma od bikasht? – What else did you ask for? – ?מה עוד ביקשת
Ma od vaksha? – What else be-vakasha? – ?מה עוד בבקשה
Od mashehu? – Something else? – ?עוד משהו
Od mashehu motek/mami/gever/ achi? – Anything else darling/mate/dude? – ?עוד משהו מותק/ממי/גבר/אחי
Ma od, ata rotse gam café? – What else, do you want a cup of coffee as well? – ?מה עוד, אתה רוצה גם קפה
Mi od? – Who else? – ?מי עוד
Mi od ba? – Who else is coming? – ?מי עוד בא
Tagidi li od paam – Tell me (fem.) once more – תגידי לי עוד פעם
Od pa’am – One more time, once more – עוד פעם
Od ha-paam (slang) – once more – עוד הפעם
Ata od tegalé et ha-olam – You will (yet) discover the world – אתה עוד תגלה את העולם
Adayin – Still – עדיין
Yesh od zman, yesh adayin zman – There’s still time – יש עוד זמן, יש עדיין זמן
Be-od yomaim – In two days – בעוד יומיים
Daber iti (be-)od yomaim – Talk to me in two days – דבר איתי בעוד יומיים
Od me’at – in a bit – עוד מעט
Kol od – As long as – כל עוד
Kol od ole ha-boker – As long as the sun goes up – כל עוד עולה הבוקר
Kol od nichtav al luach – כל עוד נכתב על לוח – As long stuff is being written on the blackboard
Kol od hu medaber kacha, ani lo adaber ito – As long as he talks like that, I won’t talk to him – כל עוד הוא מדבר ככה, אני לא אדבר איתו
Od lo tamu kol plaayich – Your wonders are not over yet – עוד לא תמו כל פלאייך
Od lo achalti – I haven’t eaten yet – עוד לא אכלתי
Eich eda ve-odeni yeled – How would I know, I’m still a kid – איך אדע ועודני ילד

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