A Look at Israel Through Its Fruit: Tel Aviv Table Podcast Gets Juicy

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When you want to eat fruit, eat fruit, don't talk Credit: Dreamstime

We’re in the thick of August, when the peaches, plums, figs and apricots are fully ripe, and the unrelenting sun makes us weary from morning til night. It’s a great time to celebrate the summer fruit basket.

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Fruit fusions: Chef Charlie Fadida on fruit in main dishes
Charlie Fadida, executive chef of the Tel Aviv Sheraton’s Olive Leaf restaurant, on this week’s Nashi festival, where he is bringing the Asian pear into savory chicken dishes and sweet desserts.

Go bananas for ‘fruitarianism’
Ran Antebi eats eight mangoes for lunch. He’s a fruitarian, a growing movement of people who subsist almost entirely on fruits and vegetables. He explains how to make a “fruitarian spaghetti bolognese.”

Politicizing plums
Ora Koren of The Marker explains why supermarkets in Gaza, Jordan, Europe and Canada have been declining Israeli mangoes, while Russia has been snapping up Israeli plums and apples.

Soda secrets in South Tel Aviv
In the middle of Tel Aviv’s Levinsky spice market, Beni Briga serves refreshing flavored soda known as ‘Gazoz.’ He opened his shop last year and today has more than 40 syrups, from fig to passionfruit to pear and ginger, and even hot pepper.

Enthusing about infused liqueur
Efrat Kaufmann was inspired to make limoncello by the lemons growing at her parents’ house. Today you can taste a wide range of her artisanal fruit liqueurs – pear and anise, uzbek apricot, and grapefruit peel – in specialty shops across Tel Aviv.

Apricot ammunition: When it’s ok to play with your food
Orna Dickman grew up in Kansas but spent summers in Israel with her mother’s family. She joins us in studio to talk about gogoim, an Israeli summer playground game revolving around apricot pits, through the eyes of an American.

FOOD NEWS: The peace activist who turned to potatoes
After the summer conflict in Gaza, Israeli-American peace activist Gershon Baskin has become a sort of potato merchant; he is scraping together funding to send the 5,000 tons of surplus Israeli potatoes to Gaza.

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