Peres: Uncertainty Over Israel's Nuclear Capabilities Aides to Deter Iran

President Shimon Peres told a conference of Israeli ambassadors from around the world that avoiding confirming Israel's nuclear capabilities is 'smart' policy.

President Shimon Peres said on Sunday that uncertainty over Israel’s nuclear capabilities could serve as a deterrent against Israel’s enemies, including Iran.

Addressing a Jerusalem conference of 160 Israeli ambassadors from around the world, with the participation of Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Peres said, "Israel has 'real or fictitious' capabilities that could deter Iran.”

Referring to Israel’s nuclear reactor at Dimona, Peres said, “No one knows what exactly is in Dimona, but I have to say that the suspicions of Middle Eastern countries about what is there aide Israel's deterrence.”

President Peres and FM Lieberman - GPO - December 27, 2011

Peres said that avoiding confirmation of its nuclear capabilities was “smart” policy, but emphasized that the the Iran issue was one that requires international intervention, not just Israeli action.

"Israel was smart enough to maintain its policy of ambiguity throughout all these years," he said. "Let others suspect…. Israel has answers on the Iranian issue, but the whole world must deal with it – it cannot become an Israeli monopoly," the President said.

Peres also stressed the need for Israel to renew negotiations with the Palestinians, saying that the world sees Israel as an occupying state, and that this would be dangerous to ignore. He also said that, despite the mistakes of the current Palestinian leadership, Israel would not get a better partner for peace that it currently has.