Peres Lauds Bulgarian President's Visit to Israel as 'Best Response' to Terror

President Peres thanked the visiting Bulgarian President Plevneliev for his country's assistance during the July attack on Israeli tourists in Burgas, in which seven were killed and over 30 wounded.

President Shimon Peres on Monday welcomed his Bulgarian counterpart, President Rosen Asenov Plevneliev to Israel, calling the visit the best response to terror attacks, and to extremism in the Middle East in general.

"Bulgaria is a true friend of Israel, that stood up to save the Jewish people 70 years ago in Europe, and who stood by [us] throughout the terror attack that took place in Burgas last July," Peres said, at an official reception held in the morning for the Bulgarian president.

On July 18, a suicide bomber struck an Israeli tour bus at the Burgas airport in Bulgaria, killing seven people and wounding 33. The attack took place on the 18th anniversary of a terror attack on a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires.

Peres added that joint ministerial meetings and strengthening of collaboration in areas of foreign policy and defense are the best way to deal with terrorism and extremism, according to a statement released by the president's spokesperson.

Plevneliev, who has been in office since January this year, said that his visit is key in consolidating collaboration between the two countries, and added that Bulgaria would tighten and strengthen defense cooperation between the two countries because Israel is an important strategic ally.

Plevneliev also said that Bulgaria is interested in technological cooperation with Israel."You have built one of the most developed nations in innovation and hi-tech, and Bulgaria wants to be a partner [of Israel's] in the development of future technology," Peres said that, "Israel's doors are open to collaboration with Bulgaria."

On Monday evening, both Peres and President Plevneliev will address a state dinner held in honor of the Bulgarian president.