Pedestrian Killed in Nighttime Traffic Accident in North

Victim was wearing black and walking at night on the side of the highway; driver reportedly escaped the scene, only to later turn himself in to police.

A woman was killed after being hit by a car late Wednesday night near Kfar Manda in northern Israel.

The victim has still not been identified and police have not yet received a missing persons report or inquiry from her family. The driver escaped from the scene of the accident, but later turned himself into the police.

Magen David Adom ambulance
Sharon Bukov

The woman, believed to be anywhere from 20- to 40 years old, was found on the highway near Kfar Manda. She had been wearing all black and walking along the highway in the night. She had no identifying objects in her possession.

The driver, driving a private car, struck the woman and immediately drove away from the scene. Afterward, another driver hit the corpse causing his car to spin off course and hit a railing. He suffered minor injuries and received medical treatment from the Italian hospital in Nazareth.

After a few hours a resident from Kfar Manda came to police and admitted that he had run over the woman the first time. He was detained for investigation and claims he had not noticed the woman because she was wearing black and it was dark.

Police in the Galilee Region are investigating a number of leads while they are waiting to hear from the family of the victim. It is assumed that she was not a resident of the area. The body has been taken to a forensic medical center in Abu Kabir.