Palestinians Try to Attack Israeli Supreme Court Justice Near West Bank Home

Assailants blocked his car with their vehicle, and came toward him carrying hammers, judge tells police. Mintz fled the scene, unharmed

Supreme Court Justice David Mintz, in June.
Olivier Fitoussi

Supreme Court Justice David Mintz reported on Monday that he escaped an attack by three Palestinians, near his home in a West Bank settlement.

Mintz told police that the assailants blocked his car with their vehicle, and came toward him carrying hammers. He then fled the scene. The justice was not injured, and no damage was done.

The assailants have not been found.

According to the police, the event took place on Route 463. The three Palestinians were riding in a car with a Palestinian license plate. 

According to the settlement's spokesman, in the past few months there have been incidents in the intersection where Mintz's car was attacked, and at least four incidents involving stone throwing attacks on settlers' cars. 

This is in addition to "dozens of other incidents involving stone throwing and firebombs in the area," in recent weeks, the Dolev settlement said.     

Following the incident, Mintz arrived to the courthouse and is expected to work as usual. The police said that the complainant, Mintz has yet to file an official complaint.