Palestinians Set Fire to Structure in West Bank Outpost

IDF detains three Palestinians from nearby village after they allegedly burned a non-permanent structure, leading to the death of a dog that was tied to the building.

Palestinians burned a house in the West Bank settlement outpost of Havat Gilad on Tuesday.

Eyewitnesses said that they saw figures arriving from the nearby village of Far’ata. They arrived at a non-permanent structure at the edge of the outpost, lit it on fire, and fled. A dog that was tied to the structure was burned to death.

Havat Gilad - Noam Breur - February 2012
Noam Breur

Residents of the outpost began chasing the arsonists who had attempted to flee toward the direction of the village. Large military forces arrived in the area, pursued the perpetrators, and arrested three Palestinians. The suspects were transferred to a local police station to undergo investigation.

In the wake of the arson, confrontations broke out between residents of the outpost and residents of Far’ata.

The outpost’s attorney, Yehuda Shimon, told Haaretz said that the act was “part of the Palestinians’ escalation against Havat Gilad. Despite the altercations, the residents will continue to build. When the time comes, they will give our response.”

The incident took place one day after the settlers of the Migron outpost rejected a government plan to relocate.

The sides were reportedly close to an agreement after the government allegedly proposed moving the outpost to a nearby plot owned by the state, with officials indicating that it would mull whether or not is was possible to keep the outposts' original houses standing.

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