Three Attempted Attacks Against Soldiers in West Bank: 16-year-old Palestinian Shot Dead

Kusay Abu Aruv is tenth Qabatiya resident to be killed while trying to carry out a terror attack; another minor detained in separate stabbing incident.

Palestinian medical services carry body of Kusay Abu Aruv, 16, from Qabatiya, who was killed after attempting to stab IDF soldiers near Nablus. Feb. 21, 2016.

Two attempted stabbings by Palestinian teens against Israel Defense Forces soldiers in the West Bank were thwarted on Sunday, the Israeli army said.

A 16-year-old Palestinian teen was killed Sunday after attempting to stab south of Nablus in the West Bank. The incident took place shortly after another attempted stabbing by a Palestinian teen, this time at the Bnei Naim village east of Hebron. A 14-year-old attempted to stab a soldier on a routine activity in the area, and was arrested.

The teen from the Nablus incident was identified by Palestinian medical services as Kusay Abu Aruv, 16, from Qabatiya, not far from Jenin. His body was returned to the Palestinians.

He is the tenth Palestinian from Qabatiya to be killed after attempting to carry out a terror attack in the ongoing terror wave, and is the cousin of one of the three gunmen who killed Hadar Cohen, a female Border Police officer, in a simultaneous shooting and stabbing attack at Jerusalem's Damascus Gate on February 3.

Kusay Abu Aruv, 16, from Qabatiya, was killed after attempting to stab IDF soldiers near Nablus. February 21, 2016.

A teenaged Palestinian girl was arrested on Tapuach Checkpoint, south of Nablus, after raising the suspicions of soldiers manning the checkpoint. A knife was found in her belongings. 

In the Gaza border Kerem Shalom Crossing, the Shin Bet and officials from the Defense Ministry's border authority thwarted an attempt to smuggle drones, equipped with cameras, to the Strip. The Shin Bet believes the drones were meant to be used by a terror group for intelligence purposes. Lately, similar drones used by Hamas around the border fence were captured by Israel. In recent weeks, several smuggling attempts were foiled, and drones were found on trucks carrying toys to the Strip. An investigation into the matter has been launched.

On Saturday, a stabbing attack was thwarted at Jerusalem's Old City. The police said officers noticed a suspicious youth near Damascus Gate. When they approached him, he drew a knife and tried to attack them. The officers managed to restrain him, with the aid of a police dog, and the incident ended with no casualties. 

On Friday, two Israeli officers were wounded after a stabbing attack in the Old City. The assailant was shot dead. Video footage aired by Al Jazeera appeared to show the officers shooting the attacker even after he was on the ground.