Palestinian Suspected of Attempted Stabbing Shot Dead at West Bank Checkpoint

Local man said to have 'run with a knife in his hand toward the checkpoint'

Scene of shooting death of Palestinian suspected of attempted stabbing attack at Te'enim checkpoint, West Bank, October 18, 2019.
Land Crossings Authority/Israel's Defense Ministry

A Palestinian man was shot dead Friday by Israeli security guards at a West Bank checkpoint after attempting a stabbing attack, the Israeli Defense Ministry said.

No Israelis were wounded in the incident at Te'enim checkpoint, near the Palestinian city of Tul Karm in the northern West Bank.

The ministry said in a statement the man "ran with a knife in his hand toward the checkpoint, allegedly to attack the security guards present." One of them, it added, called on him stop, but after he failed to do so the guard fired at him.

Palestinian sources identified the man as a resident of Kafr Zibad, south of Tul Karm.

On Thursdauy, a Palestinian man was shot by undercover Israeli police after Israel Border Police said he rammed his car into an unmarked vehicle of a unit that was making arrests in Ramallah's Al-Amari refugee camp, leading to clashes between the Israeli force and local residents.

The East Jerusalem resident, in his 20s, was evacuated to the hospital in severe condition.