Palestinian Shot Dead After Charging Security Personnel With Knife in West Bank

Stabbing attack thwarted in Jenin-area checkpoint after guards shoot Palestinian, attack comes day after stabbing leaves one wounded in Jerusalem

Gili Cohen
Gili Cohen
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Scene of alleged attack at Jalama (Gilboa) Crossing. October 31, 2015.Credit: Defense Ministry
Gili Cohen
Gili Cohen

A Palestinian was shot dead on Saturday after allegedly attempting to stab Israeli security personnel in a West Bank checkpoint. According to the Israeli military, the Palestinian was shot after charging security guards at the Jalama (Gilboa) Crossing with a knife.

According to an initial assessment by the military, in the morning hours, before the crossing was open to traffic, the knife-wielding Palestinian hid near the checkpoint's taxicab stand. Security guards working at the crossing, which is run by the Defense Ministry, were securing the site when they spotted him running at them with a knife in his hand. They called on the Palestinian to halt, but when he failed to respond they shot him.

The checkpoint is a key crossing between Israel and the West Bank and was the scene of a stabbing last Saturday, and has now been closed to traffic following the incident.

An Israeli soldier checks a Palestinian youth near the Jalama checkpoint, where a Palestinian man allegedly carried out a stabbing attack earlier, October 24, 2015.Credit: AFP

On Friday, a 13-day-long stretch without terrorist attacks in Jerusalem was broken when a Palestinian man stabbed and wounded a U.S. citizen; an Israeli was also wounded in the incident after being hit by an errant bullet. Also on Friday, in the Tapuach Junction, east of Ariel, two Palestinians stabbed and lightly wounded a Border Police officer before another officer shot them, killing one and seriously wounding another.

The attacks came amid heightened tensions between Israeli and the Palestinian, with dozens of Palestinians said wounded in clashes with Israeli security forces across the West Bank and the Gaza border on Friday. A Palestinian baby was also reportedly died after inhaling tear gas.

In all, 11 Israelis have been killed in Palestinian attacks in the past six weeks, while 66 Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire. Of those, 40 were said by Israel to have been involved in attacks or attempted attacks, most of them stabbings.