Palestinian Paramedics: Man Dies From Gunfire on Israel-Gaza Border

IDF and a Gaza health official do not confirm whether man was killed by military; mortar rocket falls in southern Israel.

Palestinian paramedics say a man died late Friday night, from heavy machine gun fire on the tense border between the Gaza Strip and Israel.

Meanwhile, a mortar rocket launched from the Gaza Strip landed in southern Israel late Friday night. There were neither reported casualties nor property damage.

IDF Gaza strike - AFP

The man caught up in gun fire at the Israel-Gaza border was rushed to the Al Aksa hospital in central Gaza, where he died. Family members identified the victim as Nafez Nabhein, 35, a Bedouin civilian from the Bureij refugee camp.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said soldiers on patrol in the area heard explosions, and a tank responded with gunfire toward "suspicious locations." She said the border is used by Palestinian militants to plant explosives and attack Israel.

The military and a Gaza health official could not confirm if the man was killed by military gunfire.

It was the first deadly incident in the Gaza Strip for over a week. On Dec. 8 an Israeli air strike killed two Palestinian militants in Gaza City who the Israeli military said had planned an attack on Israelis. Gaza militants struck back by firing rockets into Israel, causing no casualties.

Violence between Israel and Gaza militants had slightly abated recently, though tit-for-tat incidents in which militants fire rockets at Israel, which mainly responds with air strikes, have continued a few times a month.