Palestinian Gets Life in Prison Plus 30 Years in Fatal West Bank Shooting of Israeli

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Scene of the shooting where Malachi Rosenfeld (pictured in upper left corner) was killed, near Shevut Rahel in the West Bank.Credit: Tomer Appelbaum

An Israeli military court in the West Bank on Sunday sentenced Palestinian man Abdallah Ashak to life in prison plus 30 years for the 2015 fatal drive-by shooting of Malachi Rosenfeld near the settlement of Shiloh.

Ashak drove the vehicle from which shots were fired at Rosenfeld's car. He was convicted of intentionally causing death and the woundings of Hananel Cohen, Yair  Hooper and Shai Maimon.

Ashak was also convicted of shooting at an ambulance and civilian vehicle driven by Israeli citizens, who were unharmed, and an attempted shooting attack at a military checkpoint.

Ashak was also fined 250,000 shekels in compensation to Rosenfeld's family and 25,000 shekels to each of the wounded men.

The judges wrote that the accused and his accomplice met up in the afternoon of June 29, 2015, and decided to carry out a shooting attack.  That evening the accomplice picked him up and then Ashak took the wheel. They passed a Nissan leaving the settlement of Esh Kodesh, driven by Cohen, I which Rosenfeld, Hooper and Maimon were passengers.

Ashak turned around and headed back to the intersection. Hananel stopped the car to let the Palestinian vehicle through, which is when the gunman rolled down the window and shot at the Israeli car, wounding all those inside the car, the verdict read.

Other suspects in the shooting are still on trial.

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