Palestinian Child Hospitalized in Israel After Hurt by IDF Fire in Gaza

Israel has offered medical assistance via the Palestinian Authority to other casualties of Tuesday's fighting in the Gaza Strip, according to Israel Radio.

A Palestinian child wounded by an Israel Defense Forces mortar shell in Gaza on Tuesday has been transferred to an Israeli hospital, Israel Radio reported on Wednesday.

The transfer was coordinated with medical officials in Gaza, according to Israel Radio, and the 8-year-old child was evacuated by ambulance. Israel has also reportedly offered the Palestinian Authority to grant medical assistance to others wounded by IDF fire.

Palestinian at Gaza hospital - Reuters - March 22, 2011

At least eight Palestinians, including four civilians, were killed Tuesday during heavy exchanges of fire between the Israel Defense Forces and Palestinian terror groups in the Gaza Strip. Another eight civilians were wounded.

The day's exchange was one of the most serious rounds of fighting near the Strip since the end of Operation Cast Lead in January 2009.