Palestinian Bid for Statehood Faces Rocky Road as New UN Security Council Members Announced

Azerbaijan joins Morocco, Pakistan, Guatemala, and Togo as non-permanent members, in what is shaping to be a more U.S.-friendly UNSC.

After 16 rounds voting, going back to last weekend, Azerbaijan was voted in as the fifth non-permanent Security Council member on Tuesday, ahead of key UN discussions of a Palestinian bid for statehood.

Azerbaijan's gambit was all but assured after Slovenia announced it had withdrawn its bid for non-permanent UNSC member.

UN Security Council

The central-Asia nation joins the four other non-permanent members due to take their seat come January 2012, Morocco, Pakistan, Guatemala, and Togo.

Elections for new UNSC members drew much attention this time around, over an expected vote in the Security Council over whether or not to accept the Palestinian bid for full UN membership.

The newly elected non-permanent states seems to be more accommodating to U.S. policy, which opposes the Palestinian bid as unilateral, and less promising from the Palestinian point of view.

This is especially true as result of the inclusion of Guatemala and Togo, who are considered pro western countries, and more supportive of U.S. moves than outgoing members Brazil and Nigeria.

While Azerbaijan is a Muslim republic, it still operates very much under American influence, and receives aid from Washington. The United States, in turn, maintains a massive military base in the country, serving American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.