Palestinian Attacks, Lightly Wounds Soldier Near West Bank Settlement

Both soldier and Palestinian were trying to hitch a ride when the Palestinian threw a stone at the soldier's head; police saw the incident and fired at the Palestinian, lightly injuring him.

An Israeli Defense Forces soldier was wounded on Friday morning after being attacked by a Palestinian with a rock near the West Bank settlement of Tomer.

Police who were patrolling the area witnessed the occurrence and opened fire on the Palestinian. Both the soldier and the Palestinian were lightly to moderately wounded in the incident.

An initial police investigation into the incident revealed that the Palestinian arrived to a point on Highway 90 near Tomer, where he tried to hitch a ride. The soldier was waiting for a ride at the same point.

The Palestinian apparently threw a stone at the nearby soldier, hitting him in the head and injuring him. Police suspect that the Palestinian intended to steal the soldier's weapon.

A police patrol in the area saw what happened and opened fire on the Palestinian attacker, hitting him the leg. Paramedics arrived on the scene and treated both the soldier and the Palestinian. They were then taken to Hadassah University Hospital at Ein Karem.