Outgoing Shin Bet Chief: Hamas Will Not Agree to Peace Deal With Israel

Yuval Diskin says Hamas hasn't changed its ideology and doubts authenticity of Fatah-Hamas reconciliation deal; Shin Bet chief also expresses concern regarding Palestinians' efforts for statehood come September.

Outgoing Shin Bet chief Yuval Diskin warned Wednesday that Hamas has no intention of agreeing to a peace deal with Israel.

"Hamas has not changed its ideology or its policy, and it surely does not intend on agreeing to any kind of peace deal with the State of Israel," Diskin said during a speech at Tel Aviv University.

Yuval Diskin
Moti Milrod

At most, Diskin said, Hamas "may agree to a ceasefire which it will use to build up its power."

Diskin also commented on the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation agreement, and expressed doubt regarding the authenticity of the rival groups' new deal.

"It's possible to put on a show of signing ceremonies in Cairo, but this is not the reality on the ground," Diskin said. "We will examine the reconciliation over time."

Diskin also said he was extremely worried about what is expected in the month of September, when the Palestinians will seek United Nations support for a unilateral declaration of an independent state.

"September is always a lousy month in the Middle East. September may trigger a deterioration of moves on peace unless some kind of development will occur here," Diskin said.

He also spoke of the difficulty to appraise where the revolutions in the Arab world will lead.

Speaking about Syria specifically, Diskin said that it will most probably be a "blood-soaked" struggle, because the battle involves a "minority population fighting for their lives." Adding that Assad will "use almost any means necessary" in order to survive.

He commented on the Shin Bet's efforts to foil terrorism and said that Jewish terror can be worse than Muslim terror.

"I think that as a Jewish Israeli, Jewish terror, in many ways, is much worse than Palestinian terror or Muslim terror, since it's an Israeli citizen who is taking the law into his own hands."

"In contrast to the anti-terror operations in the Palestinian territories, in Israel we act under Israeli law, which requires us to provide the courts with a high quality of evidence in order to arrest terrorists. We are exerting great efforts and I hope there will be matching results."