On the Map and Staying on the Map

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Tal Brody, an Israeli basketball legend, goes back to the moment he realized Israel was more than just an expanse of sands and camels, but a modern and vibrant place, teeming with culture, life and people.

This was when he decided to stay and sign up for the state-building efforts of the young state, at the expense of promising career prospects in top basketball leagues around the world.

The one-year trial period quickly turned into five, and would have lasted longer had he not been called up to serve in Vietnam. Soon after his return in 1973, he was drafted to the Israel Defense Forces.

After a successful and eventful career in basketball and other fields, Brody started serving as an Israeli goodwill ambassador, traveling the world to give talks about Israel, its achievements, challenges and day-to-day life.

Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman – Time to Say Goodbye
Rita – Oath (Shvua)
Roce Roys – Wishing on a Star
Barbra Streisand (a duet with a Gabe or a similar name) – Something with "flowers"
Alicia Keys – New York
Whitney Huston – I Will Always Love You

Tal Brody.Credit: Moti Kimche

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