News in Brief

‘Mein Jerusalem’ picks up award at Munich Festival

“Mein Jerusalem,” written and directed by Eyal Weiser, was awarded the critic’s prize at the Radikal Jung theater festival of Munich. “Mein Jerusalem” follows the journey of a young German photographer to East Jerusalem at the time the Berlin Wall fell, featuring actress/artist Michal Weinberg. The jury wrote that “Weiser’s piece is an exceptional event seeking to redefine the medium of the theater.” Last year the play won the annual award of the Israeli Fringe. Talking to Haaretz, Weiser criticized the coverage of Israeli theater, saying that “the medium is beginning to disappear. This is a worldwide phenomenon, but is felt in Israel in particular.” Weiser further criticized the directors of Israeli theaters, saying that many of them admit that they are afraid of taking chances. “Israeli independent theater is on the rise, many actors from the mainstream theaters join us because they seek challenges.” ‏(Shir Hacham‏)

Riklis completes shooting of Kashua’s ‘Dancing Arabs’

Director Eran Riklis completed last week the shooting of his next feature film, ‘Dancing Arabs,’ an adaptation of Sayed Kashua’s novels “Dancing Arabs” and “Second Person Singular.” The film will feature Tawfeek Barhum, Daniel Kitzis, Yael Abecassis, Michael Moshonov and Ali Suliman, and is a French-German-Israel coproduction. The film was shot in Jerusalem and Kafr Qasem, takes place in the 1980s and tells the story of an Arab youth who moves to a prestigious boarding school in Jerusalem and befriends a Jewish youth suffering from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Later he falls in love with a Jewish girl, but their ill-fated love affair forces him to leave the boarding school. ‏(Nirit Anderman‏)

Hebrew Book Week: Steimatzky prizes to three authors, illustrator

The Steimatzky bookstore chain has announced the winner of the 2012 awards, in preparation for the annual Hebrew Book Week scheduled to be held between June 5 and June 15. Yochi Brandeis ‏(“Akiva’s Orchard”‏), will receive NIS 25,000, Yehuda Atlas and illustrator Danny Kerman ‏(“It’s me − First Collection”‏) are due to receive NIS 15,000 each, and Shulamit Lapid ‏(“Human Error”‏) will receive NIS 10,000. Steimatzky CEO Iris Barel said, “Especially at the time of a crisis in publishing we must scream a loud thank you to our authors. We’re happy to award the prizes to the local authors who sold the most books in the past year. ‏(Maya Sela‏)

‘One Night, Markovitch’ to be adapted to cinema

A British production company is set to adapt Ayelet Gundar-Goshen’s novel “One Night, Markovitch,” to the cinema, following the novel’s international success. British producer Leslie Udwin ‏(East Is East‏) purchased the film rights from Kinneret Zmora-Bitan. Udwin said that “this is a moving and funny novel that will, undoubtedly, be a unique film.” The novel, which won the Sapir prize for debut novels, is soon to be translated to English, German and Italian. ‏(Maya Sela‏)