News in Brief


Woman who complained of ex-husband’s violence found dead in Umm al-Fahm
The body of a 30-year old woman, Muna Shehadeh, was found Sunday by her landlord in the rented apartment where she and her three children lived in the northern Arab town of Umm al-Fahm. Although an autopsy will be performed, she appears to have been shot to death. Apparently her youngest child, who is three, was in the apartment when the woman was killed. She was separated from her husband and on two occasions had complained to police that he had been violent towards her, but there had been no complaints since 2008. The killing came just a day after a protest in the neighboring town of Kafr Kara against violence in the Arab community directed against women. ‏(Eli Ashkenazi and Jack Khoury‏)
Two young artists win TA Museum’s Givon Prize
Artists Nevet Yitzhak and Ester Schneider are the winners of the Shmuel Givon prize presented by the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Yitzhak, 37, who is active video art and sound media, has had one-woman shows at a number of museums, and has installation opening in an exhibition next month in India. Schneider, 35, who was born in Moscow, paints colorful, naive portraits of rabbis as well as other figures of ambiguous gender. Meanwhile, the museum’s Sandel Prize for Sculpture is going to Israel Hadani. These and other awards will be conferred at a May 16 ceremony. ‏(Ellie Armon Azoulay‏)
‘Jewboy’ to head WIZO Art College’s visual communications unit
Yaron Shin, who also goes by the name Jewboy, has been appointed head of the visual communications department at the Bloomfield WIZO School of Design and Education in Haifa. A graduate of the college, he has been a lecturer at the school for the past 13 years. He is currently working on a documentary that also features animation about the life of national poet Haim Nahman Bialik. “As a professional, meeting with students is the fertile ground from which I myself am nourished in my professional and personal life,” Shin said in reaction to his appointment. ‏(Yuval Saar‏)
Author A.B. Yehoshua, broadcaster Dan Kaner among winners of Culture Minister’s Zionism prize
The writer A.B. Yehoshua and broadcaster and narrator Dan Kaner are among the recipients of Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat’s prize for creative works in the field of Zionism. Yehoshua is being recognized along with actors Gil Frank and Rami Baruch for the Cameri and Herzliya Ensemble theaters’ production of the Yehoshua play “Will the Two Walk Together.” Kaner’s prize is in recognition of his project “Dan Kaner Reads the Bible.” Livnat said that all of the recipients’ works “reflect the Zionist narrative that unites the Israeli public from various artistic perspectives.” ‏(Maya Sela‏)