News in Brief

Nathan Englander, Bernard Henri-Levy among authors at Jerusalem conference

Nathan Englander, Bernard Henri-Levy, A. B. Yehoshua, Etgar Keret and Robert Pinsky are among 40 Israeli and foreign writers and poets slated to take part in Kisufim - The Jerusalem Conference of Jewish Writers and Poets, from February 5-8. The conference, being held for the third time, will be take place at Mishkenot Sha'ananim and Beit Avi Chai, and its theme is "language and memory." "Jewish literature written after the Second World War is the collection of the memory of the Jewish cultural world," said artistic director Hava Pinhas-Cohen. The conference, produced by Mishkenot Sha'ananim, will feature the award ceremony for the Matanel Promising Young Jewish Writer. (Shir Hacham )

Zehavi quits as Jerusalem Symphony's composer-in-residence

Oded Zehavi has quit as the composer-in-residence of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra less than six months after being appointed. Zehavi refused to say why he quit, but noted that the break was made on friendly terms. Zehavi said the orchestra management has already approached three Israeli composers, whom he recommended over the past few months, to compose new works for the symphony's coming season. But sources say Zehavi left over artistic and managerial conflicts with the orchestra's new musical director, Frederic Chaslin. The orchestra did not provide any reasons for Zehavi's departure but said: "Oded Zehavi was employed as composer-in-residence for a trial period starting last July. At the end of the trial period he decided to continue on [elsewhere]. The orchestra respects his talent and wishes him great success." (Haggai Hitron )

Eyal Golan song tops 2012 radio-play chart

Eyal Golan's "Kesheh At Ito" was the most frequently played song on Israeli radio in 2012, based on figures from ACUM, the Israeli Society of Composers and Music Publishers. The runners-up were Shlomi Shabbat's "Yesh Lach" and Mosh Ben Ari's "Tni Li Siman," and Shlomo Artzi had two songs in the top 10. The most frequently played foreign song was "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye and Kimbra, followed by Fun's "We Are Young." (Uri Zer Aviv)