News in Brief

Tzavta theater to revise controversial rock opera

Hillel Mittelpunkt’s controversial rock opera “Mami,” which was first staged at the Tzavta theater in 1986, is returning to its original home starting January 2. Daniel Efrat will direct an updated version. Ehud Banai and Yossi Mar Haim wrote the music. Mami deals with political issues, such as the occupation, discrimination and militarism. The Beit Zvi School of the Performing Arts put on the revised version the opera six months ago and created a storm when the school tried to invite soldiers as part of the IDF’s cultural programs − and the IDF turned them down. Speaking about the play and the upcoming Knesset election, Efrat said: “Despite that [the elections] don’t give too many reasons to be optimistic, in such a right-wing reality and just before we cannot touch such material because of censorship, it is important to shout the scream of Mami.” ‏(Shir Hacham‏)

Moti Kirschenbaum to get lifetime achievement award

Television personality Mordechai ‏(Moti‏) Kirschenbaum will receive a lifetime achievement award from the Israeli Academy of Motion Pictures and Television. The Academy will award the prize at its annual awards ceremony on January 11 in Tel Aviv. Kirschenbaum was one of the founders of Israeli television and was the editor of the country’s first nightly television news program. He later served as the head of Channel 1’s program division and later as the head of the Israel Broadcasting Authority. He wrote a column for the Yedioth Aharonoth newspaper, and studied film and television at UCLA after he completed his army service. Since 2003 he has been known for co-hosting a current affairs program with Yaron London on Channel10. ‏(Gili Izikovich‏)

Poetry festival on prophets opens in Jerusalem

The 16th annual Love of Poetry festival in Jerusalem opened yesterday. The festival is sponsored by the Mashiv Haruach poetry journal. This year’s theme is on the Jewish prophets and their prophecy as poets and poetry. Mashiv Haruach called the prophets “the first social poets, or prophets of the revolution, who gave freedom to their spirits and based on them prophesized at the city gates Jewish poetry, the poetry of the world to come, daring and existential poetry.” Events include poets choosing a prophet from the Bible, an evening of Jeremiah, a poetry competition, and tours of Jerusalem. Entrance is free and events are being held at the Shalom Hartman Institute and the Ben Zvi Institute. ‏(Maya Sela‏)

U.K. envoy Matthew Gould awarded honorary degree

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev awarded honorary doctorates yesterday to Berta Yampolsky, the choreographer and artistic director of the Israel Ballet; to author Meir Shalev; British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould; physicist Yakir Aharonov; and to educator Adina Bar Shalom. The university said its award for Gould was in honor of a person who proud of his roots and heritage; Aharonov is a brilliant scientist in the field of quantum physics. ‏(Shir Hacham‏)