News in Brief

Swedish gallery pulls painting made of Holocaust victims' ashes

A Swedish art gallery in Lund has canceled the exhibition of a painting made of Holocaust victims' ashes. The gallery owner, Martin Bryder, told a local newspaper that he decided to pull the exhibition of a painting by Carl Michael von Hausswolff because of protests by the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Jewish community of Malmo. The painting is reportedly made of ashes the artist collected at Majdanek, a Nazi extermination camp in Poland. It has been on display at the Martin Bryder Gallery in Lund since November 10. An official opening was planned for December 15. (JTA )

Architect Gershon Zippor, 81

Architect Gershon Zippor died yesterday at the age of 81. Zippor designed and co-designed hundreds of iconic projects, and was a winner of the Rechter Prize for Architecture. His projects include the Ezrat Nashim Hospital in Jerusalem; the Ammunition Hill memorial, also in the capital; the Recanati Building at Tel Aviv University; the London Ministores complex in Tel Aviv; and the Hebrew University water tower on its Mount Scopus campus. (Keshet Rosenblum )

The dance video "Private I's," by director Oren Shkedy and choreographer Dana Ruttenberg, has been accepted by the NY dance video festival Dance on Camera, and will be screened at Lincoln Center on February 2. The video follows two characters and examines the limits of masculinity. "Private I's" has been shown at festivals in Mexico, Chile, Germany and Turkey, and has won numerous prizes. (Shir Hacham )