News in Brief

Photographer Ilit Azoulay awarded solo exhibition in Berlin

Photographer Ilit Azoulay will have a solo exhibition at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin. The exhibition is part of a new scholarship offered by the center and Tel Aviv's Shpilman Institute for Photography in Tel Aviv, of which Azoulay, 40, was the first winner. The scholarship will also enable her to spend six months in Berlin starting this summer. She was chosen for the honor after KW director Gabriele Horn and curator Ellen Blumenstein saw the studios of several artists. Azoulay, a graduate of Jerusalem's Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, has already won several prizes for her work. (Ellie Armon Azoulay )

HBO buys 'Out in the Dark' for TV distribution

The Israeli film "Out in the Dark" has been purchased for broadcast by the global television network HBO. The film, called "Alata" in Hebrew, is the first feature directed by Michael Mayer, an Israeli living in Los Angeles. It was initially screened at the Toronto Film Festival and has already been sold for distribution in numerous countries. At the Haifa International Film Festival, it scored an upset victory in the best feature competition by sharing first prize with the highly-praised "Fill the Void." "Out in the Dark" depicts a love affair between two men, one an Israeli lawyer and the other a Palestinian student who is rejected by Palestinian society because of his sexual orientation and by Israeli society because of his national identity. (Nirit Anderman )

Alona Kimhi to judge Serbian film, music festival

Author and actress Alona Kimhi has been invited by filmmaker Emir Kusturica to serve as a judge at the Serbian film and music festival Kustendorf, alongside Robert De Niro and Monica Bellucci. The festival, now in its fourth season, will be held in Kusturica's hometown of Drvengrad in mid-January. Kusturica, whose films include "Black Cat, White Cat" and "Time of the Gypsies," invited Kimhi after he and his daughter, who is the festival director, read her books in French translation. Kimhi's latest book, "Viktor and Masha," came out this year and is now being translated into French and English. (Maya Sela )

Yiddish actor Yankele Alperin dies, aged 91

Yiddish actor Yankele Alperin died on Sunday at the age of 91. Alperin was born in Romania (in a part that is now Moldova ) and acted in the Yiddish theater there before immigrating to Israel in 1961. Since then, he has appeared in numerous productions alongside performers such as Shimon Dzigan and Joseph Buloff. In 1987 Alperin was one of the founders of Tel Aviv's Yiddishpiel Theater, where he acted and directed for years. He also appeared in films, including "Mishpat Kastner" and "K'Shenotnim Kach." One of his most famous lines was in Kobi Luria's play "Dzigan and Shumacher Forever," where, in the role of God, he declaimed: "What do you want from me? After all, I'm only human." Alperin is the father of radio personality Yoram Alper. Yoram Alper's son Idan died when two army helicopters collided in 1997; his son Dr. Arik Alper was a season winner of the Israeli version of the reality show "Survivor." (Haggai Hitron )