News in Brief

Lifetime achievement award for Haaretz's Nehemia Shtrasler

Nehemia Shtrasler, a senior economics commentator for Haaretz-TheMarker, will be one of two recipients of the National Federation of Israeli Journalists' 2012 lifetime achievement awards, which will be distributed at a journalist convention Sunday. Shtrasler has "written and struggled for many years against the monopolies, cartels and pyramids of the state and major tycoons" in an effort to promote a flourishing, more competitive economy, the association said in a statement. The other recipient will be former Yedioth Ahronoth reporter and political commentator Shlomo Nakdimon. (Gili Izikovich )

Keshet orders second season of 'Yom Ha'em'

The Channel 2 sitcom "Yom Ha'em," about the day-to-day life of Ella (Keren Mor ), a mother of three who is torn between the way she thinks she should feel toward her husband and children and the way she really does feel, has been renewed for a second season, Channel 2 franchisee Keshet, which broadcasts the show, has announced. The sitcom, whose title means "Mother's Day," was created by Daniella London Dekel, an Israeli cartoonist who writes and illustrates a weekly comic strip about family life. (Gili Izikovich )

BalconyTV to broadcast from Shenkin St.

Tel Aviv will become one of the latest production locations for BalconyTV, an online music show that features bands and musicians on balconies around the world. It is already produced in more than 30 cities around the world, and as of November 11, Tel Aviv will be one of them. Israeli bands that will play on the rooftop of a Shenkin Street building as part of the show include indie folk group The Angelcy, rock band Electra and reggae band Zvuloon Dub System. (Uri Zer Aviv )

Red Sea Classical Festival may be scrapped

Organizers of the annual Red Sea Classical Festival, a classical music festival that has taken place in Eilat every winter for the past 11 years, appear to have informed a hotel chain involved in the production that the event won't be taking place this February as planned. The statement by Isrotel, which usually buys a block of tickets to the event to resell as part of tourist packages, has not been confirmed by the organizers, however. Eli Lankri, the deputy mayor of Eilat, which puts together the festival with governmental assistance, said yesterday the organizers were in contact with conductor Valery Gergiev of the Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra in St. Petersburg, which plays a starring role in the festival, in the hope of making sure the event does take place. (Haggai Hitron )

'Son of God' returns from Greece

"Son of God," an Israeli movie about a Greek-Israeli Holocaust survivor who goes with his estranged son to search for the man who saved his life 65 years before, has completed its on-site filming in Greece and is resuming filming in Israel for two more weeks. The film, directed by Guy Nattiv and Erez Tadmor, stars Makram Khoury as the 76-year-old Holocaust survivor, and Zohar Shtrauss as his son, a Lubavitch rapper a la Matisyahu. (Nirit Anderman )