News in Brief

Teen detained by police after bringing gun to classroom

A 13-year-old boy who had a beef with classmates allegedly went to school Monday armed with a handgun. The boy told friends that he had been arguing with other kids and planned on scaring them with the gun. School officials called the police after children told his teacher that they had seen the gun. The police came to the boy's school, in an Arab community in the Sharon region, confiscated the weapon and took the boy in for questioning. Police are trying to ascertain whether the child's adult relatives knew he had taken the gun or whether he had known where to purchase one, which police said would be a worrisome new level in arms-dealing. (Yaniv Kubovich )

The Maariv publishing group’s headquarters in Tel Aviv.
David Bachar

Former Animal singer Eric Burdon set to perform in Israel

Eric Burdon, formerly lead singer with 1960s rock band The Animals, will appear in concert on August 1, at the Shuni Amphitheater in Binyamina. Burdon, 72, was one of the main reasons for the success of The Animals, one of the first British rock bands to burst onto the U.S. music scene in the '60s. Burdon continued to lead The Animals even after the original group broke up in 1966, with hits like "The House of the Rising Sun." In the late '60s, Burdon collaborated with American funk group War, and in the early '70s embarked on a solo career. The Israeli rock group T-Slam will be performing at Shuni on the same evening. A ticket for both concerts costs NIS 249. (Ben Shalev )

Cereal offender:Mini Pillows commercial banned

The Second Authority for Radio and Television has ordered the immediate removal of commercials for the breakfast cereal-snack Mini Pillows from channels 2 and 10, citing harm to minors. The commercial shows a toddler playing the part of the product, surrounded by women who treat him as a sex object. The Second Authority said in a statement that its rules prohibit the broadcast of commercials "in which minors make appearances that are inappropriate, or commercials that harm minors or their dignity." It also said the commercial broke other rules, because it harmed human dignity and good taste, and included sexual innuendo, which is also prohibited. (Gili Izikovich )

Israeli judges to weigh in on Int'l Emmy Awards

For the first time, judges from Israel will participate in the International Emmy Awards. The judges will be selected from among Israeli television industry leaders, by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and by the format distributor Avi Armoza, who initiated the move. Voting anonymously, they will help decide the winners in the category of unscripted programming in English (reality, documentaries and game shows ). Judging will take place in Israel in July, ahead of the Emmy Awards in New York in November. Israelis, among them Nadav Palti (the president of Dori Media ) and Hanani Rapoport (CEO of JCS Studios ), have long been part of the International Emmy Award organization, which has members from 50 countries. (Gili Izikovich )