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Journalist: IDF leaked material on Dimona reactor

Journalist Amnon Levy claims that a video sent to the IDF censor about the nuclear reactor in Dimona was leaked to concerned parties, who then threatened people interviewed for the piece. The clip is scheduled to air on Levy's show, "Panim Amitiot" (True Faces ) next week. As is required, it was sent to the censor to be vetted for sensitive security information, and requested changes were made. But in a letter to the Israel Press Council, Levy wrote that one of the reactor's founders, who appears in the video, called him to say that a security officer at the facility warned him against participating in the interview, and said that the film was too left-wing. Levy asked the IPC to investigate and demanded that the person who handled the material be suspended. The Ministry of Defense Security Authority said it recognized the severity of the incident and that the matter is being investigated. (Emilie Grunzweig )

The Dimona reactor.
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Gold rush on Thursday at Bible Lands Museum

A treasure hunt is being held by the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem on Thursday. The "Race for Gold," inspired by a new exhibition at the museum dedicated to the precious metal, will take participants through the streets of Jerusalem in search of hidden gold, between 9 A.M. and 3 P.M. Participants can buy a game kit with riddles from the museum and will receive and answer questions via text message on their cell phones as they are led to different places around the city where ancient gold is hidden. The winning team will receive a solid gold bar. (Haaretz Staff )