WATCH: Islamic State Releases New YouTube Clip Showing Training Camp With US Supplies

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria uploaded a new clip to YouTube Saturday showing recruits receiving weapons and hand-to-hand combat training.


The Islamic State has released a new YouTube video showing 100 jihadists being trained for battle. The six-minute clip features trainees being shot at, running through obstacle courses and being kicked in the stomach while standing in formation.

Titled ‘The Blood of Jihad and Nineveh,’ the clip takes place in a camp in northern Iraq. In the clip, tents cleary marked ‘US’ can be seen, as well as “either AK-47s, RPGs, or PK machine guns,” according to Vice News, which were likely seized from Iraqi army personnel.

The clip's release comes the same day as Islamic State forces claim responsibility for three suicide bombings, which killed 28 Kurdish security forces and a regional police chief. YouTube took down the video Sunday evening; a portion of the clip uploaded by the Daily Mail can be seen below.