New Video Shows Extremist Jewish Leaders Present at 'Wedding of Hate'

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This still from the video of a wedding among right-wing activists shows dancers brandishing rifles, a twist on traditional wedding dances.
This still from the video of a wedding among right-wing activists shows dancers brandishing rifles, a twist on traditional wedding dances.Credit: Courtesy of Channel 10 TV

A new video has emerged Thursday from the far right Jewish "wedding of hate" already topping headlines in Israel, proving that leaders identified with extremist religious Jewish right were present at the event.

In the initial video, guests could be seen stabbing a photograph of the Palestinian toddler who was killed in the Duma firebomb attack and waving firearms, in what Prime Minister Netanyahu described as "shocking images."

In the new video, aired Thursday on Channel 2, Itamar Ben Gvir and Bentzi Gopstein can be seen in the event, while the weddinggoers can be seen waiving rifles, guns and firebombs. Ben Gvir is the lawyer for the suspects in the Duma attack and Gopstien leads the firebrand anti-Arab group Lehava. One of the participants is seen wearing a tee-shirt with the logo of the outlawed Kach movement.

New video shows extremist Jewish leaders present at 'wedding of hate'

Blasting in the background, the words of a song can be heard: "The lion cubs are roaring, roaring for prey. The next in line, we're hungry, waiting. Waiting for more, for the love of God... Revenge. Revenge." The first part of the song is a quote from Psalms, while the second is from the Book of Judges, with the Biblical quote "revenge against the Philistines for my two eyes!" turning into "revenge against the Palestinians" in the second verse.

Like in the previous video, weddinggoers are seen defacing images of Ali Dawabsheh - the infant killed along with his parents in the arson-murder attack which has been attributed to far-right Jews - in this case burning a picture of the boy.

According to Channel 2, the police intend to call for questioning some 30 of the wedding guests, specifically all those captured on video holding either a firearm or an image of the Dawabshehs. They will be investigated on suspicion of incitement to violence and illegal possession of a firearm.

According the report, additional suspects who are known to the police and were also at the wedding will be called in for questioning for possible violations of protective orders or parole conditions, which bar them from meeting with one another or members of organizations deemed unlawful.

The first video was filmed at an Orthodox wedding three weeks ago and was first shown on Channel 10 news Wednesday night. According to the Channel 10 report, the wedding was of a couple “very well known in the radical right.” The couple’s friends who were dancing were described as being friends of the suspects in the Dawabsheh murders.  

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