Netanyahus Go Nuts for Brazil, and Israel's Internet Reacts Accordingly

The internet is celebrating at the sight of the prime minister and his wife, who set out to conquer Brazil, enjoying all Rio de Janeiro has to offer

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's historic visit to Brazil may not have resulted in a political message with the words "embassy" and "Jerusalem" but the very first visit by an Israeli prime minister to the state of samba and caipirinha gives plenty of viral content.

Between a meeting with Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro and a visit to a synagogue in Rio de Janeiro, the prime minister also managed to go down to Copacabana and play soccer on Rio's most famous beach and even eat at a local restaurant.

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Twitter users rubbed their eyes, and were eager to write about the rare vision of the prime minister in ordinary clothes, partaking in ordinary activities.

"I see Bibi enjoying life - don't stand for reelection, go, travel the world."