Netanyahu: World Pressure on Libya Must Also Be Directed at Iran

PM calls for strong international action against Libya and Iran regimes, says world must send message to Libyan people that would be heard in Iran.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appealed Tuesday for strong international action against the regimes of Libya and Iran.

Netanyahu stressed that the world must act against Iran as it is currently acting against Libya. He said the world needs to send a message to the people of Libya that they have support in their struggle against ruler Muammar Gadhafi - a message that would be heard in Iran.

Netanyahu said an aggressive response against Gadhafi will send a clear message of encouragement and hope to the Iranian people that nobody has forgotten them, adding that those same steps must be directed at Iran.

Netanyahu was speaking Tuesday during a trip to Israel's north.

Netanyahu - Emil Salman - Feb. 16, 2011
Emil Salman

Last week, Netanyahu warned that the Middle East instability may last for years, and while expressing hope that the Arab world and Iran will undergo true democratization, he said Israel must be prepared for every outcome.