Netanyahu: West Not Acting Firmly Enough to Stop Iran's Nuclear Program

At a government meeting, Netanyahu says Islamic Republic will not stop its program unless the international community 'draws a red line.'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticized the West's stance on Iran Sunday, saying the international community is not making enough of an effort to put a halt to the Islamic Republic's nuclear program.

"The truth must be told," Netanyahu said at a government meeting. "The international community is not drawing a red line… and Iran is not seeing international resolve to stop its nuclear program. Until that happens, Iran will not stop [the] program. Iran must not have a nuclear weapon."

Earlier on Sunday, former Supreme Court Justice Eliyahu Winograd, who headed the government-appointed committee in 2007 that investigated Israel's shortcomings in the Second Lebanon War, warned that an Israeli strike on Iran "may endanger the future of the country."

In an interview with Army Radio, Winograd said he is not sure that the current leadership has learned the lessons of his report, which found "grave faults" in the decision-making process both in the political and military levels, before and during the war.