Netanyahu: We Will Strike Those Who Threaten to Attack Israel

In a special press conference marking three years since taking office, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lists his government's achievements in improving security and strengthening Israel's economy.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a press conference on Tuesday to mark three years since his coalition took office. "We will attack those who threaten to attack us," he said, referring not only to the Iranian threat but to the threats of rockets from the Gaza Strip.

In its first three years, the government "has brought about a series of reforms and important structural changes that helped the economy grow, helped reduce social disparities and helped Israel through the severe economic crisis of 2008 and 2009," he added.

Benjamin Netanyahu
Emil Salman

On Iran, Netanyahu said that Israel should seek support from the international community for applying more pressure on Iran. "One who is not able to operate in the global arena cannot lead Israel," he said, "and we have proved this ability."

The prime minister's office had planned Tuesday's press conference for a long time, in order to present the governments achievements since it was formed in 2009. Netanyahu's office even prepared a special animated video to for the occasion.

Watch the animated video, in Hebrew, here:

Guests at the press conference received a thick booklet marking the steps the government has taken, which include lowering the unemployment rate and improving Israel's credit rating, as well as lowering gasoline and electricity prices.

During his speech, Netanyahu likened Israel's situation to a tree, and even used an electronic screen to draw fruit and branches in order to illustrate the achievements made during his term.

The booklet also states that more than 80 percent of children between the ages of three and four will enjoy free education during the next school year, and that 1,000 new kindergartens will be built.