Netanyahu Unveils Israel's Anti-cyber Terror Taskforce

Cybernetic team to work to prevent cyber 'terror attacks' by foreign countries that could seriously harm Israel's defense systems.

Israel is establishing a national taskforce that will work to prevent cyber "terror attacks" by foreign countries on its strategic computer networks, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Wednesday. 

The national cybernetic taskforce was set up in order to protect Israel from possible harm to its defense systems and infrastructure networks.

Benjamin Netanyahu - AP - 1.5.2011

A special team of eight experts, headed by Maj. Gen. (res. ) Isaac Ben-Israel, submitted a line of recommendations for the establishment of the taskforce, which were adopted by Netanyahu.

"Israel is exposed to cyber attacks which can paralyze entire life systems on which the country runs," Netanyahu warned. "Electricity, credit cards, water, transportation, traffic lights – every one of those is computerized and therefore susceptible to attack. There is an immediate need to form defenses in the face of such threats."

"We are dealing with the security component," the prime minister added. "I cannot go into detail about individual attacks, but not because there weren't any. I promise that we will battle any future attacks – I have no doubt about it."

The Prime Minister's Office said Wednesday that the main responsibility of the taskforce will be to expand the state's ability to defend vital infrastructure networks against cybernetic terrorist attacks perpetrated by foreign countries and terrorist elements.