After Tehran Blocks UN Inspector, Netanyahu Claims Iran 'Continues to Lie' About Nuclear Program

Following IAEA reports on Iran's refusal to cooperate with investigation, Netanyahu calls to 'resist Iran's aggression and terror' and 'snap back sanctions'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a joint statement with Steven Mnuchin during their meeting in Jerusalem, October 28, 2019.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed on Thursday that Iran has lied and continues to lie in regard to its nuclear weapons program, following a report earlier that Tehran is not cooperating with the United Nations nuclear watchdog and a special board meeting held by the agency.

"The IAEA has confirmed that Iran has been violating the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Iran continues to hide its secret nuclear weapons program," said Netanyahu in a video statement released on his YouTube channel, presenting no evidence for his claim.

The IAEA verified on Wednesday that a cylinder of uranium gas was connected to two cascades of centrifuges for passivation, "a preparatory activity conducted prior to enrichment", an IAEA spokesman said in a statement.

However, the statement made no mention of uranium enrichment.

A more detailed IAEA report sent to member states and seen by Reuters said the other four cascades of centrifuges installed at Fordow - where enrichment and nuclear material are banned under the deal - "remained unchanged".

"A year ago, speaking at the UN, I exposed Iran's secret nuclear warehouse in Turkuzabad. This morning, a special board meeting of the IAEA published its findings on Iran's activities in the no-longer secret facility," Netanyahu added.

The IAEA reported on Wednesday that Iran is not cooperating with international inspectors investigating uranium particles discovered in a Tehran warehouse.

The prime minister has been claiming since last year that Iran held equipment and material used for past work on nuclear weapons at a secret site. Netanyahu accused Iran last year of keeping a "secret atomic warehouse" containing nuclear equipment and material in a property near its capital.

Netanyahu called for other nations to "resist Iran's aggression and terror," encouraging European countries to "snap back sanctions," and "pressure Iran until it changes its ways."

U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo also said on Thursday that Iran's recent "nuclear escalations" raise concerns that should move all countries to increase pressure on Tehran, as Iran resumed uranium enrichment at one of its nuclear facilities.