Netanyahu's Speech at the UN General Assembly

Haaretz gathers all the news, analysis and developments having to do with the speech in one place.

The live blog of Netanyahu's speech at the United Nations General Assembly. All the minute to minute reporting from New York.

World markets respond to Netanyahu's speech with a jump in the price of crude oil. Prices rose 2.1 percent to $91.85 a barrel due to concerns over escalating tensions between Israel and Iran.

Iran responds to Netanyahu's speech: Israel's threats only strengthen our resolve.

From pundits and news websites to 'twitterati' and memes, Bibi's bomb draws good, bad and ugly reactions.

Without divulging any breaking news, Netanyahu uses the same combination of theatrics, PR and visual aids that he’s famous for to convey his position on Iran. Read Barak Ravid's analysis of the speech.

This talk about speeches - not about actions - fills first and foremost Netanyahu's own being, says Doron Rosenblum.

Allison Kaplan Sommer asks is Netanyahu a public relations and a viral communications genius or an embarrassing and condescending buffoon?

Amos Harel discusses the confusion between quantity and quality in the line drawn by Netanyahu, the final stage that was absent from the diagram and the elimination of any real talk of an Israeli strike before the U.S. elections.