Netanyahu on Trump Peace Plan: Israel's Security Interests Will Be Deciding Factor

Dispelling rumors about the U.S. administration's possible plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace, PM reportedly tells cabinet he 'doesn't see anything concrete'

Netanyahu during a weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, November 12, 2017.
Olivier Fitoussi

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that his response to any peace plan will be based on Israel's security interests. Netanyahu, who spoke during the weekly cabinet meeting, said the Americans are already aware of his position.

"About President [Donald] Trump's diplomatic plan, we heard a lot of speculation over the weekend, and I will not address it. I do want to say that my stance will be decided by the security and national interests of the State of Israel. This was clarified to our friends the Americans," Netanyahu said.

On Saturday, an Israeli report said the Trump administration's Israeli-Palestinian peace plan would be based on an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel, not necessarily according to 1967 lines. According to Israeli sources, the report said Trump intends to propose the Palestinians declare independence, after which the United States will recognize the Palestinian state. The Palestinians will also receive hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from Sunni Muslim Arab countries.

The White House denied these reports. "There is constant speculation and guessing about what we are working on and this report is more of the same," the White House said in a statement. "It is not an accurate representation, rather it is a mix of possibilities and ideas that have existed for decades."

Following Sunday's cabinet meeting, Culture Minister Miri Regev said Netanyahu had informed ministers "that despite the rumors about a diplomatic [peace] initiative, he doesn't see anything concrete."