WATCH: Netanyahu Says Relationship With Obama Is Almost Like an 'Old Married Couple'

Israeli PM said on CBS's Face the Nation that his relationship with President Obama is 'quite good' and based on 'mutual respect and mutual appreciation.'

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Screenshot from CBS's Face the Nation of Netanyahu and ObamaCredit: Screenshot

CBS Transcript:

"SCHIEFFER: How do you describe your relationship with the president?

NETANYAHU: Actually it is quite good. I have to tell you we had a conversation -- I don't want to say like an old married couple, but the president said that we had -- he has had more meetings with me that with any other foreign leader.

I think you get to a point of mutual respect, you cut to the chase very quickly. You talk about the real things openly, as befitting real allies. I think we have a relationship of mutual respect and mutual appreciation."

Click here for the rest of the interview from CBS.