Netanyahu Says He Hopes His Children Will Stay Out of Politics: 'It's a Very Tough Life'

Netanyahu tells Harvey Levin on Fox News that one of his children 'might be inclined' to enter politics against his wishes, adding that he has tried to persuade him from that career path

Yair Netanyahu casting his vote as parents Benjamin and Sara look on, in January 2013.
Uriel Sinai/AFP

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an interview with Harvey Levin on Fox News that he does not want his children to go into politics.

Fox News has released three previews of the interview, which took place at the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem, three days ahead of its full screening.

Responding to Levin's inquiry whether Netanyahu encourages his children to become politicians, the prime minister responds with a firm "no." Netanyahu is then asked if he persuades them to stay out of politics, to which he answers in the affirmative, but adds that "it doesn't help." 

Netanyahu explains his opposition to his children becoming politicians by saying "it's a very tough life."

Benjamin Netanyahu tells Fox News why he doesn't want his children to go into politics Fox News / YouTube

The prime minister has three children: A daughter from his previous marriage, Noa Netanyahu-Roth, 39, and two sons from his current marriage to Sara Netanyahu: Yair Netanyahu, 26, and Avner Netanyahu, 22.

Netanyahu said that one of his children "may be inclined" to enter politics, which almost certainly refers to Yair. Sources in the government have described him as a volatile man with an increasingly strong influence on his father's opinions.

Yair has made headlines in the past months when a left-wing think tank sued him for libel in his Facebook posts and after David Duke, a Holocaust denier and former Ku Klux Klan leader, tweeted in agreement with the young Netanyahu.

In another clip previewing the Fox News interview, Benjamin Netanyahu discusses the death of his brother, Yonatan (or Yoni), who was killed while commanding an elite unit during its operation to rescue hostages held at Entebbe Airport in Uganda.

A teary Netanyahu tells Levin that he felt "indescribable agony" upon hearing the news of his brother's death, adding that it was "as if my world had collapsed."

Benjamin Netanyahu tells Fox News about his brother's death Fox News / YouTube

The entire interview will be aired on Sunday night, U.S. time.