WATCH: Home Demolitions Deter Future Suicide Attacks, Says Netanyahu

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, July 28, 2014.Credit: Reuters

ABC news transcript (starts at 4:00):

George Stephanopoulos: But does bulldozing houses work?

Netanyahu: Well, it's one of the things that we are seeking. We're trying to find a way to stop, to deter future suicides. As suicides by their nature, they do not particularly care if they die, but they care if, in some cases and often many cases, if their homes are demolished afterwards or sealed. That we have seen in some cases. We're looking at other means, as well, but just imagine what the American public would say if you had day in and day out these terrorist murders coming in, blowing up people, knifing people, driving – running down people with cars, you'd want to look for the ways that are effective to deter such future attacks, both to protect people in real-time, but also to deter future suicides and home demolitions is one of those means.

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