Netanyahu: Findings of Panel on Social Policy Will Bring About a Fairer Israeli Economy

Premier says does not discount changes to defense budget in order to help pay for the Trajtenberg Committee's findings.

The implementation of the Trajtenberg Committee's findings will result in a fairer Israeli economy, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday, following the release of the committee's final report.

The panel's recommendations were presented Netanyahu earlier Monday, and included suggested reforms to Israel's educational system, as well as changes to the country's housing market and tax policy.

Netanyahu  - Emil Salman - 11092011
Emil Salman

In a statement released by the Prime Minister's Office later Monday, Netanyahu called the panel's findings "a landmark in Israel's economy and society," adding that the committee, led by Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg, was able to accomplish "the unbelievable."

"In only a short span of time, they were able to thoroughly study the issues, include the public in panel deliberations, and form recommendations that will mend wrongs existent in Israel's economy," Netanyahu said, adding that the panel's findings would eventually result in a reality in which "Israeli citizens could buy and do more with their money."

In his statement, the premier said the committee's findings brought real change: "Change in education, change in welfare services, change in altering Israel's economic priorities: taking care of children, reforming taxation, economic competition, lowering customs charges, bringing down housing costs, and more."

Referring to a possible cut in Israel's large defense budget in order to pay for the committee's recommendations, Netanyahu said that the security of Israel's citizens "was the highest priority of the government I am leading," adding, however, that "improved efficiency and accountability in the defense establishment are two factors that could improve the welfare of Israel's citizens."