Netanyahu Envoy to Deliver Letter Urging Peace Talk Renewal to Palestinian Authority's Abbas

Isaac Molho to deliver letter to the Palestinian Authority president in Ramallah, in reponse to Palestinian missive given to Netanyahu last month.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's special envoy Isaac Molho is set to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday in Ramallah, to submit a letter to Abbas regarding peace talks.

The missive that Molho will pass on the Abbas is a response to the letter that Netanyahu received from the Palestinian Authority president last month, in which Abbas placed the responsibility for the stalling fo peace talks on Israel.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas attends an interview with Reuters in the West Bank, 8.5.12

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The Israeli official said that Netanyahu's letter to Abbas calls for an immediate renewal of negotiations with no pre-conditions, but did not include any new proposals.

Last month, Netanyahu met with senior Palestinian officials at his official residence in Jerusalem, who gave him the letter from Abbas on the stalemate in the peace process. Although PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad was expected to participate in the meeting, in the end, he did not come.

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The letter from Abbas was more than five pages long and written in English. The first impression Netanyahu and his advisers had of the letter was said to be that it contained no new messages but also did not contain an explicit threat by the Palestinians to dissolve the PA in light of the current stalemate. Most of the contents of the letter had been published in various media outlets over the past several weeks.


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